Minor & Major Servicing Ipswich

Service Overview

Minor & Major Servicing at Western Automotive Services

Whether your car needs a quick tune-up or a comprehensive overhaul, Western Automotive Services has got you covered. Our Minor and Major Servicing options are tailored to meet your vehicle’s specific needs, ensuring it runs smoothly and efficiently.


Why Choose Minor or Major Servicing?

For those looking for quick, routine checks and tune-ups, our Minor Servicing is a cost-effective solution that keeps your car running smoothly between more extensive services. On the other hand, if your vehicle needs a more thorough examination, our Major Servicing goes beyond the basics to offer a complete health retreat for your car, rejuvenating it from the inside out.

  • Minor Servicing
    Quick tune-ups like oil changes, filter replacements, and basic safety checks.
  • Major Servicing
    From engine to exhaust, we leave no stone unturned in our inspection.Comprehensive care including fluid replacements, detailed engine checks, and more.
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