Roadworthy/Safety Certificates + COI Ipswich

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Roadworthy/Safety Certificates + COI at Western Automotive Services

Navigating the legal requirements for your vehicle can be daunting. At Western Automotive Services, we simplify the process by offering Roadworthy and Safety Certificates, along with a Certificate of Inspection (COI). These are essential documents for selling your vehicle or renewing its registration.


Why Roadworthy/Safety Certificates + COI?

Ensuring your vehicle meets all safety standards is not just a legal requirement; it’s a responsibility to yourself and other road users. Our certificates provide the assurance you need for either selling your vehicle or renewing its registration.

  • Comprehensive Inspection
    Our thorough checks ensure your vehicle meets all safety standards.
  • Quick Turnaround
    Receive your certificates promptly, making your selling or registration process smoother.
  • Legal Compliance
    Our certificates are fully compliant with Queensland regulations. QLD Transport A.I.S Number AIS 11740
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